Data Lake for Cornerstone

Easily, flexibly, and quickly access and combine all data in your Cornerstone portal using our replicated SQL database. Everything’s available and ready to use for data analysts without struggling with APIs or web services.

Connect Cornerstone
to the tools you love

Utilize Cornerstone transactional data with Microsoft Excel, Access, PowerBI, Tableau, Qlik Sense, Looker Studio, or any other business intelligence solution, or integrate it with data warehouses like Amazon Redshift, snowflake, or other solutions.

What's talenttrends?

Talent management is not a one-size-fits-all model. That’s why we have developed the Data Lake for Cornerstone, the first step for an HR data platform that allows HR professionals and managers to make better decisions with and for employees based on easy access to HR data from multiple systems.

The seamless integration and visualisation offered by talenttrends aim to provide a holistic view of employee performance, potential, and development spanning the entire employee lifecycle. This approach not only streamlines the decision-making process but also personalises the developmental trajectories for individual employees.

Empower your decisions with seamless talent data access

Connecting the dots

Data can be used in correlations and mass operations not available before.

Enabling ease of access

Data can be accessed by data analysts, not just by developers.

Speeding up insights

Data is available immediately, no throttling limits or complicated API calls.

First, quickly connect your tools ...

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft PowerBI


... then have all the Cornerstone data available.

PowerBI: Employee Structure and DE&I

PowerBI: System Usage

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the talenttrends Data Lake for Cornerstone?

talenttrends is our first piece of a whole new product lineup. It’s a replicated database provided as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) designed to streamline data access. Say goodbye to complex data management and hello to effortless insights, all in one seamless platform. Additional products enhancing this experience to make access even easier are already under design and will follow shortly.

Who provides the talenttrends solution?

talessio GmbH, a Cornerstone implementation and consulting partner, offers this solution. At talessio, our commitment to innovation stems from firsthand experience with our valued clients. Recognizing the growing demand for streamlined data accessibility, we’ve developed this solution to empower HR departments. Built on insights from our customers, our product aims to make data readily available, ultimately enhancing organizational efficiency and effectiveness.

Can you help me make use of the data?

At talessio, we go beyond simply providing software solutions — we’re your dedicated consulting partner throughout your journey. Our commitment doesn’t end with software delivery; we’re here to support you every step of the way, ensuring seamless integration and optimal utilisation of our products. From implementation to ongoing support, we offer guidance, training, consulting, and a wealth of best practices to help you maximise the value of our solutions and achieve your business objectives with confidence.

What are the prerequisites for getting started quickly?

Customers must have Cornerstone OnDemand in place as a prerequisite for utilizing our product. Additionally, while licenses for additional Business Intelligence or Data Warehouse applications are optional, they can further enhance the capabilities and insights provided by our solution. Our goal is to seamlessly integrate with existing systems and offer flexible options to meet the diverse needs of our clients.

What general licensing options are available?

Our product is available as a SaaS offering in multiple editions, each tailored to meet varying functional and performance requirements. From basic to advanced, our editions cater to a spectrum of needs. Additionally, we offer bespoke solutions, allowing us to tailor the product to individual customer scenarios based on specific requirements. Whether you’re seeking out-of-the-box functionality or a customized approach, we can accommodate your unique business needs.

Is this solution secure and reliable?

Our replicated databases are hosted within Azure, ensuring robust security measures and reliable performance. Leveraging the advanced capabilities of Azure, we prioritize protecting your data with state-of-the-art encryption protocols and regular security updates. Your data is safeguarded against unauthorized access and potential threats, providing peace of mind while maximizing operational efficiency. Furthermore, our hosting practices comply with GDPR, ensuring the highest data protection standards. With Azure, we offer diverse geographical hosting scenarios, including options in Germany and the EU, allowing you to choose the location that best aligns with your compliance and performance needs.

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